(#112) A2020: Belief System Snapshot

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We are in week number 3, module number 2, Clarity. And this is where we start to look at where we are right now. This is where we start to get a real snapshot of:

  • What does our life look like?
  • What are the beliefs that we’re thinking?
  • What are the thoughts that we’re thinking?
  • Why are we living in the reality that we’re living in right now?

Today’s downloadable resource: Alignment 2020: Module 2.4 Belief System Snapshot

In today’s episode, I am going through module 2.4 of Alignment 2020, which is the Belief System Snapshot. This is where we really start to see things. This one really is digging into it.

Learn how to gain control, and create the next level version of you through Alignment 2020. Join us at https://themindvibe.show/A2020.


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