(#116) Jessica Yarbrough’s Journey of Perceiving, Up Leveling, and Being Committed to Results

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Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, said, “With focus and simplicity, you can move mountains.” Our guest for today believes that if what you’re doing is not focused or simplified, all it’s doing is taking away the energy you need to ascend to your higher self.

For today’s episode, join me in welcoming our special guest, Jessica Yarbrough. Jessica is a Business Strategist and Growth Expert. Entrepreneurs come to her when they are ready to ditch the hustle and overwhelm and build a business that creates is scalable, sustainable, and wildly profitable.

Jessica’s life is full of fascinating twists and turns to what ultimately leads her to where she is today. From building multiple companies to leaving it all behind to backpack around the world to becoming a yoga teacher and living in the jungles of Costa Rica to starting over as an expecting single mother and finally to building the successful international consulting company she now runs today.

Tune in as Jessica shares with us her experiences, and what she learned along the way. Listen and enjoy!

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