(#121) 2021 Alignment Part 2: The Pre-Game Exercise

Listen On...

In the last episode, I invited you to listen to or watch the Mini Bottleneck Workshop for Entrepreneurs, which helps you understand why it’s important that we look at our mindsets and our actions, particularly at the end of the year, and reflect back on them and decide to make changes moving into the new year so that we can yield a different/better result.

If you didn’t listen to that, stop this episode and listen to that now.

In today’s episode, we are talking about the pregame. This is a part of the Bottleneck Workshop and the workbook I created. Download the workbook here.

The pregame is all about massaging your subconscious mind to be able to deliver a better outcome. Let’s dive in…

Stop being the Mental Bottleneck in your business before2021 with this [LIVE] workshophttps://go.yourmindsetmentor.com/join


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